Welcome to Touristenfahrten

Touristenfahrten is a community focused on Tourist Driving the Nordschleife in AMS2 and pCars2. We cruise, hotlap and race eachother while respecting the road rules. We can help you learn the track and cars or how to setup your car so you can chase those precious seconds and improve your position in the leaderboards.

Because Touristenfahrten isn’t just about randomly hotlapping the Nordschleife, we run a monthly event to help grow the community closer.

These are 100 minute endurance races taking place on the last saturday of each month, on the 24h of Nürburgring layout, in AMS2. Voting and sign-ups are done on the Touristenfahrten discord.

Each event is put up to a vote between different cars and/or categories. The first two weeks of the month will usually be dedicated to voting, with sign-ups opening once the result is out.

What is this website?

This website is a simple presentation of the Automobilista 2 Servers Touristenfahrten AMS & KOW. Servers designed to provide a 24/7 track day event like the real Touristenfahrten at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

The server was brought to life to continue m00lean's work on the Touristenfahrten#2 server for Project Cars 2. It is one of the most active servers where people meet in a relaxed environment to socialize and race against each other and the clock. That's the aim of this server as well. To achieve that the server is augmented by a bot that keeps track of lap times and enforces the rules. This website is used to display lap times and session information.

Valid lap times are logged and displayed both in ingame chat and on this website. Only the personal best laps are kept.

All data is updated once per minute.

Server details

  • Touristenfahrten AMS: The Real Weather Simulator is for all cars except Karts and Open Wheelers; Session time: 12 Hours (Rotating start hour, Time x2); Date: Current day; Light Rubbered Track; Real Weather.
  • Touristenfahrten KOW is for Karts and Open Wheelers ONLY; Session Time: 12 Hours (7am start); Date: 1-Aug-20; Medium Rubbered Track; Weather slots: Clear, Clear, Light Cloud, Light Rain.
  • Touristenfahrten Vintage is for all cars; Session Time: 12 Hours (Rotating start hour, Time x2); Date: 5-Jul-71; Medium Rubbered Track; Weather slots: Rotating.
  • Touristenfahrten Monthly Endurance is a 100 minute race we run each last saturday of the month (in the server below). Check the discord to vote on the challenge of the month and sign up. Sign-up sheets can be viewed here.
  • Rent-A-Server is a 10min Q/R server set to 14 drivers so any vehicle/track combo can be picked. If you set -selectds in AMS2's launch parameters, create your lobby ingame & then apply the settings to the RAS server in the lobby list.

If you are looking for the Project Cars 2 server, click here.

Track Rules

  • No Karts or Open Wheelers on TFAMS! Use TFKOW for those! The server will tell you in the chatbox if your selection is valid. Ignoring this rule will get you automatically kicked from the session. You will be warned once after loading in & you can rejoin to select a valid car.
  • Leave room for faster cars. Chances are good that the car overtaking you is on a hot lap, but...
  • Pass safely as it is still your responsibility to avoid a crash.
  • Show your intentions clearly. React early and predictably.
  • Flash your lights when trying to pass (if you have them) to let other drivers know of your intentions. You can also flash when yielding.
  • Consider the track like a German public road. Yield on the right side & pass on the left side.
  • Ask other drivers if they want to race or cruise with you before tailgating them.

Monthly Endurance

  • Multi-class racing is different from single-class racing. Learn the differences. Read & watch on it.
  • These are fun but serious races. If you grow tired of the race, retire and leave. Rammers will be blacklisted from future events!
  • No commitment required, but please sign up as "? Tentative" on discord until you are sure you will join.

But most of all, don't be a dick!


Is there a discord?
Yes! Check out the Touristenfahrten discord.
Why are you using the combined layout?
For safer racing and to host more drivers. The Nordschleife pits are small and thus the lobby fits less people in. Also the pit exit is short and the chance to crash into other drivers is high.
Why does the session crash from time to time?
The dedicated server is not 100% stable. After longer sessions it's likely that it will crash at some point. However in most cases it's an automatic restart after a failed host migration. The server should be back right away, so you can just rejoin. The server is also restarted automatically every day at 8 AM GMT/BST.
I can't see everyone on track. What can I do?
That's a very annoying bug SMS' attempt to fix the lags when a new player joins. Instead of a small lag, the new cars will simply not be loaded until you return to pits. If someone joined while you were on track, it may happen that you can't see their car. In most cases it's fixed after you return to the pits. If that doesn't work, ask them to return to the pits too.
How can I create races on Rent-A-Server?
By default, Rent-A-Server is a 10min Q/R server set to 14 drivers so any vehicle/track combo can be picked. You can modify session settings (sessions, length, weather, time, rules), however if you want to create you own session (classes, player & AI amount and strength), you should set -selectds in AMS2's launch parameters, so all you need to do is to create your lobby ingame with whatever settings you want and then apply the settings to the RAS server in the lobby list.
Are the Touristenfahrten Monthly Endurance and Rent-A-Server session results logged?
Yes, they are. Thanks to Simresults.net you can check the session results generated by the server for Touristenfahrten Monthly Endurance and Rent-A-Server sessions on a daily basis.
The game crashes to desktop if I try to connect! WTF?!
That's another really strange one. Go to the system settings in Automobilista 2 and disable UDP Telemetry Sharing or set it at its highest (9). This actually solves quite a few issues in multiplayer.
The Outlap is way too long. Is there a shortcut?
While there is no way to get back to the Start-Finish line at the end of the GP layout, you are able to exit the pits on the left side. This puts you in incoming traffic though so be aware of and extremely careful with incoming cars.
What's the formula behind the leaderboard score?

Sane worked out the formula, blame him!

Score = sum( score per lap time = ( ( 1 / player rank vehicle) ^ 1.5 * ( ( best lap time vehicle / player lap time vehicle) ^ ( relative distance to best lap time vehicle / 0.02 ) ^ 3 ) * ( best overall lap time / best lap time vehicle) ^ 0.5 ) * 1000 )

Click for an illustration.
Sanes insanity
How can I support this project?
If you like this project and want to support it, you can buy m00lean a beer since he was kind enough to pass me his scripts, his website and provide me with help.


If you have questions or want to leave feedback, feel free to contact me, Shriukan#3548 on Discord.